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Divine Intervention School of Healing and Impartation


Many people across the world have expressed interest in learning more about the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. Clay and Shawnda are available to do Schools of Healing, Conferences, and Revival Services for any group or Church as availability permits. Below you will find a Free download of The Divine Intervention School of Healing and Impartation Manual. If you are interested in establishing a School of Healing in your group or Church, please contact us so that we can file your info and our staff can better serve you and partner with you in support. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

We will also provide a yearly Divine Intervention School Of Healing and Impartation event in our city (Pine Bluff, Ar.) with Clay Stubbs and other Special Guests who will equip, Train, and inspire you to become that ambassador of heaven who will carry the Fire and Glory of God's Kingdom to the nations. You will go with Clay and his Team to the inner-city streets, and a local Prison Unit to witness first-hand the Miracles, Healings, deliverances, and powerful salvations. Each session will be filled with intense times of personal ministry and impartation. The cost covers housing, noon meals, and your Divine Intervention Healing Manual. Registration for this 3 day event will be a donation of 75.00 per person, Partners will recieve a 10 percent discount and special seating.

The Divine Intervention School of Healing and Impartation Manual



Click Here to download the Manual

In this life-changing Healing manual you will learn:


 How To Minister Healing
 How to exercise Dominion with Authority and Power
What it means to imitate the Master
 There is Healing in the Atonement
 The origin of Sickness
 What is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God
 Being led and being Anointed and so much more!


>>Click Here to download the Manual<<


While we are making many resources free of charge please remember it's your donations and support that will continue to make this possible, Thank You.